A documentary installation about aging, wisdom, and home
Opening at the Augusta Colonial Theater on June 12th, 2015 from 6:30pm - 9:30pm
A Home For Women
The renovation vision of the Augusta Colonial Theater
A short video by Christoph Gelfand of True Life Media

Project Description

Home/Resilience is a story of – and tribute to – the last two 90-year old residents of the 144-year old St. Mark’s Home for Women in Augusta, Maine. St. Mark’s Home closed in Fall 2014 after being home to generations of independent women.


Through the stories and voices of Ruth and Nona, Home/Resilience raises questions and inspires conversations about wisdom and aging, and explores the social and physical structures that help shape our notions of ‘home.’ Woven with fragments of audio/visual histories and community narratives, Home/Resilience moves beyond a traditional documentary film, photography show, or radio story.

“I say do the best that you can. I had hoped that I wouldn’t live long and wouldn’t outlive this place and my need to be here, so that I wouldn’t have to be involved in moving again.” – Nona

Watch The Trailer For A Home For Women

This 10-minute documentary snapshot bears witness to the adaptability and wisdom of Nona and Ruth and will be screened as part of the Home/Resilience installation.

Opening at the Augusta Colonial Theater

137 Water Street Augusta, Maine
June 12th, 2015
6:30pm – 9:30pm

The site-specific Home/Resilience installation will debut at the historic Augusta Colonial Theater, in downtown Augusta, Maine in the summer of 2015. The Theater closed in 1969, and is now undergoing revitalization.


Audiences experience Home/Resilience as ‘welcomed visitors’ into a reimaged home and a multi-storyline and immersive installation revolving around Ruth and Nona, dynamic women that represent aging Americans, issues of isolation, and the importance of community in sustaining life. As part of Home/Resilience, the short documentary film, A Home for Women, will be screened on a front porch microcinema.

“You can’t take care of problems, they’re too big for you and I. We just have to leave them go, take them as they come.” – Ruth

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